Chinese Restaurant

Only the finest meats and freshest vegetables, which come fresh from the farmer’s market, find their way into our kitchen.  Once there, they are cooked in pure vegetable oil to bring out the true flavors of authentic Chinese cooking.  Our extensive menu offers a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes, appealing to all tastes. Diners can request entrees made vegetarian-style or with any of our fresh meats.         

Chef Piao-Fu Liang was born in China and came to the United States in 1981.  He worked in several New York restaurants, until 1985 when he moved to Boston, where he met his wife.  Both of them were working in the restaurant industry.  In the late 1980's they decided to gather enough money to open up a restaurant on their own.  In the November of 1990 their dream came true and they opened up their restaurant, on the site of the old Cowtail Bar, at it's current location on Springdale road.  Ever since then, they have been bringing delicious and wonderful food to the South Jersey area.
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